Spotlight: Sancan Oval-Shaped Brushes | Artis Makeup Brush Dupes

This modern brush set is literally a dream, yet it's a dupe of the original Artis Makeup Brushes. I hear Artis brushes are amazing, but I also know they're pricey. So, Artis will have to go on my never ending wish list because of the way my bank account is set up ... Other brands like M.A.C have similar brushes, too.

Oval-shaped brushes have a reputation for being super soft and excellent for seamlessly blending anything wet and anything dry. I typically use them to blend my foundation, concealer and cream contour. You can use these to even apply eyeshadow and blush, although, I wasn't really a fan of the blush option as it deposited too much color on my cheeks. I tend to only like a flush of color.

These brushes are tapered and dense (more bristles), hence why they will deposit powder products like nobody's business. Dense brushes tend to give you medium to heavy coverage, but with a smooth, flawless finish whereas brushes with fewer bristles (fluffy brushes) will give you uneven coverage, some streaks and just a sweep of color. In my opinion, fluffy brushes are better for powder products like blush, bronzer, etc. Although, I think eyeshadow is the exception because dense brushes will pack more product on your eyelids (if you're going for an intense eye look) and create less fallout than fluffy brushes. I haven't tried applying eyeshadow with one of the smaller brushes, though.

If you're like me, you don't or won't need medium to heavy coverage of anything including foundation, so I would recommend applying a dime size of foundation or tinted moisturizer to your face (you may need a bit more for your neck), and then using the brush to spread it evenly. This will ensure light coverage.

Oval-shaped brushes are also easy to work with. Just lightly and gently apply it to your skin in circular motions or you can just glide the brush over your skin. 

Sancan brushes are made of "high quality synthetic fiber hair" and come in an assorted 10-piece set. It's available on Amazon.

If you decide to get the Sancan set or any other variation, let us know how you like the brushes!


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