Want to Look Bomb in Minutes? Do This!

Do what? Do your eyebrows! Why? Because your eyebrows are everything! Your brows literally hold the highest value when it comes to your face, especially since they are the first feature at the very top of your face.

Not only do well-groomed eyebrows add symmetry to your face, they also brighten your visage and add a youthful appearance. Groomed eyebrows manage to give you an instant makeup-in-minutes look without having to put on a full face. It’s the one thing that may just “save face” when you’re in a rush and want to still look cute and alive.

If you have no time to do your makeup in the morning (like me), at the very least, do your eyebrows. It’s a game-changer. It’s the only thing I do every morning for sure — aside from showering and brushing my teeth — of course.

The above image includes my eyebrow essentials:

1. M.A.C. Select Cover-Up - NW45

2. Maybelline Great Lash - Clear

3. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz - Ebony

4. Nars Precision Blending Brush #13

5. M.A.C. Small Angle Brush #266

Application Tips

  1. The first thing I do is brush my errant hairs upward and over with an individual spoolie brush. This typically allows for smoother application. If you’re using ABH Brow Wiz, one side comes with a spoolie brush, so you’re covered. 
  2. Next, I fill in my brows with Brow Wiz using soft, light strokes. I build on this until I’ve achieved my desired coverage.
  3. Now, my favorite part. Concealer! Basically, I go in and conceal my pencil mistakes and define my brows even more, which results in a more polished look. Concealer is used for concealing blemishes, highlighting, etc. and in this case - I’m using concealer to subtly highlight and define my brows with a shade that matches my complexion. Finding a concealer that matches your skin is key to achieving natural-looking brows, especially if you don’t want to wear foundation or tinted moisturizer. Please keep in mind that I don’t add more product to my angle brush when I’m cleaning the top of my brow. It’s really not necessary as you can use the residual product from when you cleaned up the bottom part of your brows. This is why I like to start with defining the bottom first.
  4. After that, you want to blend your life away using a blending brush. I even use my fingers to blend since that warms up the product and helps to blend it into your skin even more.
  5. Then, I use the spoolie end of ABH’s Brow Wiz and brush my brows upward and over to evenly distribute and blend the color for a more natural finish.
  6. To complete my eyebrows, I use Maybelline’s Great Lash in clear as a gel to hold my brow hairs in place.

Eyebrows, done! Add some mascara, lip treatment or matte liquid lipstick, and be on your way! This is all I do for work, usually. Sunscreen and eyebrows. Basically, bare. 

I didn't always know what I was doing, though. Curious about my eyebrow journey? Read on.

My Eyebrow Story

Around March 2011 - I started using just a pencil to make my brows fuller because they were really sparse. During this time, I was still getting my brows threaded like every three months or so. I felt something was missing, though – and needed the help of a professional - so I visited a M.A.C. counter and the makeup artist introduced me to concealer. It literally changed my life.

I have to admit – I didn’t always know what I was doing and was never given tips on how to achieve natural-looking brows. In fact, my eyebrows looked awful for about two years. So embarrassing, but experience is the best teacher. I did everything wrong from using a pencil too dark (sharpie eyebrows) to using a concealer one shade too light (halo eyebrows). Although, the latter was not my fault. The artist solid NW40 to me. I don’t know why, but if I had to guess, I’d say it was because she thought I’d wear foundation and the NW40 would act as a highlighter. She thought wrong. I’m not that type of girl…I clearly didn't know any better and I was just starting out with the whole eyebrow thing. In my defense, eyebrows were not widely popular in 2011 as they are today, so I had no social media references. I guess I'm sort of a visionary, no? 

Long story long, by 2013 I finally realized I needed NW45 to achieve the best bare brow. I’m here to tell you all that I haven’t looked back since. I also decided in 2013 that I was going to stop spending money on people making my brows thinner. I don't get them waxed nor do I pluck. They’re not as full as they once were when I was teenager – and there’s nothing I can do now but use makeup. It works.

I also used M.A.C.’s 212 Flat Definer Brush to shape my eyebrows, which is a lot more difficult to use, if you’re a beginner. I had no choice, though. I needed eyebrow tools and at the time the flat brush was my only option in the FREE holiday edition brush set I received. I ran with it. Today, I’m an expert with that brush. The angle brush is SO much easier to shape brows, though. I’m comfortable using both brushes.

So, if you’ve read my story this far, you know that my eyebrow journey didn’t come easy. Don’t make the same mistakes I did and suffer yourself. Save face and choose a concealer and pencil that matches your complexion as well as the right brushes, if your goal is to achieve natural-looking eyebrows with fresh skin. These three things are MAJOR KEYS. Now, go into the world and slay with a fresh face and bomb brows!


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